Re: Tracking satellites with Meade ETX-90 EC

Philip Chien (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 23:37:44 -0500

>> Dave Mullenix <> said:
>> >Meade has a new telescope out, the ETX-90 EC.>

>Philip Chien wrote:

>> The key question is whether or not you can update the elements yourself.  I
>> would be very concerned if the data was in a proprietary format which may
>> or may not be supported in the future.
>> The other question is what satellites are in the database.  It's quite
>> possible rocket bodies and debris may be left out as 'uninteresting'.  More
>> important is the satellites which may or may not exist where the elements
>> don't come from OIG.
>You should be able to select the satellites yourself, but the software
>and connecting cables aren't available yet.

Ah - good old vaporware.  I wouldn't purchase something like this unless I
was *sure* that I'd be able to continue to use it on my own, especially if
the company decides not to support it at some date in the future.

>The computer does come with
>some satellites pre-loaded in its data base, but the elements probably
>date to last January.

which kind of limits the usefulness of the device if there's no way to
update the elements.

Ron Lee <> said:

>Has anyone besides that smart guy from the US East coast (Ron D) used
>satellite tracking software for telescopes to find and track objects?

Quite a few have, including those who have put together their own systems
from scratch (or existing components not intended for satellite tracking)
and those who have purchased commercial units.  I suspect Ron's the most
well known primarily because of his Sky & Telescope article.

I've been told about French observers who have imaged satellites including
the classified U.S. NRO Keyhole birds.

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