Re: USSPACECOM Stops Publishing 2-line Element Sets for GPS Satellites

Phillip Clark (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 15:41:50 +0100 (BST)

With reference to the recent classification of TLEs for "USA" and certain 
other DoD satellites, data are no longer being issued for the FltSatCom 
or UFO payloads, as well as the DMSPs and Navstars.   The exceptions are 
the satellites which were not operational when the change was made.

My understanding is that it was decided last September to withdraw these 
TLEs and it is coincidental that recent political events have happened to 
coincide with this change in policy.   A friend who was talking to both 
NASA/GSFC and DoD/USSPACECOM considers that the decision is "nuts", but 
the bureaucrats in their collective wisdom have decided that this is the 
route to go - and with the current political thinking in the US there is 
no chance of getting the decision reversed.

One small thing to be thankful for: no other satellites are on any "hit 
list" which might result in other TLEs being withdrawn.

Phillip Clark

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