Interesting Web site

Ed Cannon (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 21:03:34 -0600

Still having non-observing weather here....

I just found this (to me) very interesting "satellites"
Web site:

On this site, the sets of links under the various topics 
are developed by computer analysis of which Web pages 
are linked to from other Web pages (with perhaps some 
other criteria?).  The links are listed alphabetically.
It's not flawless, but it doesn't seem too bad either.
(Will Web sites be created named "AAAAA Satellites" and 
"AAAAAA Satellites", etc., just to get to the top of the 

With every topic, there's also a discussion group.  You
have to register (free, today at least) to post, but 
anyone can read them.  (Just what we need -- yet *another* 
venue!  But maybe it will serve a useful purpose parallel 
with others.)

The site appears to be supported by advertising but wasn't
too intrusive about it (yet).

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA