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From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 06:04:38 PST

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    >This link works fine. But is 264kb the whole thing?
    No, this url :
    has (links to) descriptions and the supporting files you need/want. (you
    will get access to even larger star files on registration)
    under the IBM-PC heading:
    >SkyMap 6.3
    >Rob Matson's program uses SGP, SGP4, SDP4 and HANDE models for prediction.
    It plots star maps with and without satellite tracks. Version 6.3 can find
    Iridium flares. It is able to search collections of elements with specified
    conditions. Useful for identifying satellites. It produces output for HP
    printers and is able to plot rocket trajectories. Shareware. $25 suggested.
    The package is available in several parts. Rob's description of this latest
    version is found in ...
    >SkyMap 6.4
    >The latest version can be obtained from Ed Cannon's site . Use the
    following links
    >Rob Matson has more details on SeeSat-L in this message ....
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