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Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 11:00:22 PST

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    Report time 18:40 UTC
    1999-058E (#25947) SOYUZ R/B
    We are still missing at least the two or three important TIP messages.
    SpaceCom had stopped its delivery on March 03 about 12 hours before decay
    and also since that time issued no TLE. Surprisingly in the afternoon (UTC)
    today an ELSET with the epoch 00064.105.... appeared  maybe really the last 
    before decay.
    MPM delivers with this ELSET the decay on
                      O4 March, 06:29 UTC +/- 22 minutes (42.9S, 295.5E)
    on a descent pass over the Pacific. This is significantly later then SpaceCom's
    last prediction (05:33 UTC) and in good agreement with my preceding forecast
    (06:13 UTC) - both prepared on March 03 early evening (UTC).   
    Berlin, Germany
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