Hubble Bubble

From: Pesky (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 03:45:16 PST

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    With a background in amateur astronomy I am somewhat new to satellite
    observing. I am enjoying it though I cannot shake the feeling that we are
    looking at manmade objects rather than nature. One of the reasons I am so
    interested in astronomy is that it is something that we, as humans, have
    very little control over, and hence we haven't ruined it yet. For many
    earthbound astronomers, particularly those interested in astrophotography,
    manmade satellites are something of a PITA, though I hope that I will soon
    be able to predict and *avoid* seeing satellites.
    Hoping to bridge the two, does anyone have a recent elset for the Hubble
    Space Telescope? What is its magnitude?
    TIA, Steve
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