RE: Minuteman III launch (time correction #2)

From: Richard Baldridge (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 09:36:25 PST

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    	>>  Please forgive the mental lapse.  Launch time was approximately
    12:40:30am PST (8:40:30 U.T.)  I'm still asleep!
    	Wrong again!
    	I must apologize for the errors.  Lesson learned:  "Don't post to
    groups after less than 3 hours sleep!"
    	Correct launch time WAS 1:40amPST (9h40m U.T.) per original post.
    	Someone also correctly pointed out to me the missile was a
    PEACEKEEPER, not a Minuteman III.  They were correct.  Launch was from
    "Launch Complex 5" at Vandenberg.
    	If anyone is interested in a photo of the staging events or a
    trajectory profile, please Email me and I can send it as an attachment since
    I have no site to post it on directly. 
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