Re: Taurus/MTI Launch Pad

From: Aaron Brown (asb@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 09:52:21 PST

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    Hi Brian and everyone else out there.  I was wondering, does anyone
    know where the best viewing location for tonight's launch is near
    Vandenberg? Looking at my Santa Barbara County map, it seems that
    Ocean Beach County Park would be a good place.  It seems to be just
    a couple miles south of the launch pad.  Is this indeed a good
    place and will access to this park be open during the launch.  
    > Hi:
    > Space Launch Complex 576-E (the Taurus pad) is actually in the center of
    > Vandenberg AFB close to the beach. The approximate coordinates are:
    > Latitude: 34 deg. 43 min. north
    > Longitude: 120 deg. 36 min. west
    > Regards,
    > Brian Webb, KD6NRP
    > Ventura County, CA
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