Decay Forecast Mar 12

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 02:45:33 PST

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    Report time 09:30 UTC
    1996-034F (#23897) SL-12 AUX MOTOR
    Since Mar 11, 22:00 UTC there are no fresh TLEs and TIP messages on the OIG
    board. The last forecast from SpaceCom - prepared Mar 11, 10:37 UTC - shows the
    decay on        12 March, 10:37 UTC +/- 18 hours (41.8N, 51.3E)
    on a descending pass. This is in excellent agreement with my preceding 
    With the last released ELSET 00071.608... MPM delivers the decay one rev
    later:          12 March, 12:16 UTC +/- 44 minutes (23.5N, 56.9E)
    also on a desecending pass. But this one additional ELSET is not enough for a 
    hard prediction.
    Berlin, Germany
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