Re: Suspect flare + unknown object

From: Thomas A. Troszak (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 14:29:59 PST

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    Patrice Gambaro wrote:
    > spotted another object, very faint (invisible naked eye), North, 45 el.
    > traveling East to West. I tought it was worth mentionning because there
    > was a discussion lately about sattelites traveling East to West. Any
    > idea what it was ?
    I, too saw a dim sat travelling from east to west, and even managed to
    take a photo of it... I haven't tried to scan the print, but looking at
    the negs with a magnifier the sat appears to have a pair of large panels
    set approx 90 degrees apart, sort of a V shape, can't tell much else
    about it yet, too busy, but very curious though. It passed through about
    60 degrees NNE going from SE to WNW... didn't get a time, I was too busy
    trying to get a picture. hmmm...
    Tom Troszak,
    Asheville, NC, USA
    35.601 N, -82.554 W
    elevation 2,300 ft.
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