ERS-1 orbit

Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 05:08:58 PST

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    Hi all!
    Some colleagues here at ESOC are preparing radar observations of ERS-1.
    Obviously, it not longer possible to do the usual obit determination. It is
    that the frequent thruster firings before the end of the satellite had a massive
    impact on the orbit. It would be helpful to know how accurate the latest NORAD
    elements match the actual  orbit. Please let us know if you can observe a time
    with respect to the predictions.  Could somebody have a look?
    Informations about the lightcurve period would be helpful, too.
    1 21574U 91050A   00074.93506865  .00002107  00000-0  76790-3 0   451
    2 21574  98.5493 150.3299 0036616  78.1343 306.8401 14.33762036453083
    Thanks in advance,
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