Iridium, Maley, Clark on network news

From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 16:18:28 PST

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    Charles Gibson, anchoring the ABC Evening News for Peter Jennings, reports
    that Iridium will bring its constellation down.  Video simulated the
    destructive re-entries.  Paul Maley, speaking intelligently, appeared in
    the piece, and one of his videos.  (Phillip Clark, I should mention that I
    saw you chatting amiably, and intelligently, with Joanna on BBC World
    Service TV, two evenings in a row awhile back, on one of the local PBS
    stations here). 
    Perhaps the good news is that those who could not agree on what units to
    use in measuring "flare" will be able to dismiss the question as moot.
    All coverage I've read, heard and seen focuses on the 66 operating craft.
    No word on the other 24 also in orbit.
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