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From: Mark A. Hanning-Lee (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 19:02:48 PST

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    Louis J. Esch wrote:
    > The clock can only be made accurate, by the way, on a PC that is running
    > under native DOS, not Windows or a DOS running as a "daughter" from
    > Windows.  This is because the creators of Windows, apparently more
    > interested in glitz than in scientific accuracy, made a system that steals
    > so many computer cycles away from the "clock" that the displayed time can
    > be off by many minutes a day, depending on what operations are performed.
    The Web site is perhaps pessimistic. I rarely see a modern PC with
    Windows 9x lose/gain more than a few sec per day, but of course that's
    not ideal & RighTime can still help.
    One time thief: right-clicking a read/write protected Zip disk in
    Windows Explorer can eat about 11 sec on some PC models!
    Best, Mark
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