Decay Forecast Mar 18

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 13:36:33 PST

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    Report time 21:00 UTC
    1999-062E (#25965) SOYUZ R/B
    The just released SpaceCom Forecast - prepared Mar 18, 19:48 UTC - shows the
    decay on              19 March, 20:10 UTC +/- 18 hours (39.7S, 303.2E)
    on a northbound pass over the South Atlantic near the East Coast of South
    MPM delivers with the ELSETs 00078.192... - 00078.562... the decay on
                          19 March, 20:21 UTC +/- 31 minutes (08.2S, 333.3E)
    on the same pass over the Mid Atlantic.
    Two remarks: 
    The near agreement of the SpaceCom TIP and the MPM prediction is in general 
    explained by the similarity of the methods.
    The MPM decay window is defined as the +/- deviation from the mean value
    retro - fitted over the used ELSET states.
    Berlin, Germany 
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