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From: John Breckenridge (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 23:39:56 PST

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    ...than ever before, it seems, I'm finding Iridium flares.  Maybe its because
    I've spent the past 6 months with Motorola MCSI selling phones and service or
    perhaps it could be Spring Fever or just the clear nite sky.  Maybe its because
    I've been in the sat biz for the past 18 years and just feeling nostalgic but
    # 86 brought tears to my eyes over Apple Valley CA last Saturday nite.  Right
    on time as always and there was an EXTRA special moment in the glow for me as
    I was calling my voice mail on a still-working 9500 phone while observing and
    knew the call was connecting thru that particular bird.  Tonite, (Tue), I watched
    # 52 North of here in Twin Peaks (near Lake Arrowhead) from INSIDE my living
    room.  (From where I've made Iridium calls.)  More than the pay checks, I'm
    REALLY gonna miss those lovely lites one of these days!  Anyone else out there
    with Iridium blues?  FYI...system was still operating 2 hours ago.
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