Landsat 5 Flare

Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 19:57:18 PST

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    While i was looking around the evening sky i noticed a bright light very low
    to the North, approx 4 deg below Deneb which was only 10 deg above the
    horizon. It looked like a star at first since there was little movement but
    being so low, it was just above a house, i could see that it was indeed
    moving towards the West. The timing is not exact, 03:24:45 25 Mar UTC +/-
    20sec but magnitude reached 0. Checking later i found Landsat 5 #14780
    84021A to be a good match. Unfortunately it distracted me long enough that i
    missed Okean-O r #25861 99039B passing a few seconds later.
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