Superbird A is back

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 16:55:23 PST

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    Hi All!
    Well, as Jim Nix and Ed Cannon have pointed out, Superbird A
    (#20040) is back to the U.S. and Canada.  The east coast has
    the best view right now, though the central U.S. is also good.
    Flashes begin in Mexico and sweep to the northeast, ending in
    eastern-most Canada.  For tonite (Tuesday, March 28 local,
    March 29 UTC), the following flash peaks should be within
    5 minutes of being correct:
    2:58 UT  central New Mexico, southwest Texas
    2:59 southwest Colorado, central Texas
    3:00 northeast Colorado, Oklahoma, eastern Texas
    3:01 Wyoming, western Nebraska, central Kansas, northeast OK,
         southwest Arkansas, Louisiana
    3:02 Montana, southwest S. Dakota, central Nebraska, SW Missouri,
         Arkansas, Mississippi, southernmost Alabama
    3:03 northeast Montana, SW N. Dakota, S. Dakota, western Iowa,
         Missouri, western Tennessee, Alabama, Florida panhandle
    3:04 N. Dakota, southern Minnesota, eastern Iowa, Illinois,
         western Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida
    3:05 Minnesota, Wisconsin, northeast Illinois (Chicago), Indiana,
         Kentucky, eastern Tennessee, western N. Carolina,
         S. Carolina/Georgia border
    3:06 northeast Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, southern Michigan,
         western Ohio, Kentucky/West Virginia border, western
         Virginia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Bahamas
    3:07 upper Michigan peninsula, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia,
         Virginia, N. Carolina
    3:08 Ontario, western PA, western MD, northern Virginia, D.C.,
         eastern N. Carolina
    3:09 Ontario, western NY, PA, Delaware
    3:10 Quebec/Ontario, central NY, NYC, New Jersey
    3:11 Quebec, northern NY, Vermont, MA, CT, R.I.
    3:12 Quebec, New Hampshire, southern Maine, Cape Cod
    3:13 New Brunswick, Maine
    3:14 New Brunswick, eastern Maine
    3:15 New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
    3:16 Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia
    3:17 Nova Scotia
    The flash location is in Virgo, within 5 degrees ENE of
    gamma-Vir.  Interestingly, from 2:54 to 3:15, the sun will be
    partially eclipsed by the earth as seen from Superbird, so
    these flashes won't be quite as bright, and possibly yellower
    than usual.  --Rob
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