Iridium 44 and suspected ASC 1 flashes

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 01:08:33 PST

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    Last night, three very bright (approx. -3, plus or 
    minus) one-power flashes from Iridium 44 (25078, 
    97-77B), low in the north, well after culmination:
    March 31 -- 2:50:11.03, 2:50:48.94, 2:51:33.31 UTC
    Suspected flashes from very nearly geosynch ASC 1 
    (15994, 85-76C, a known flasher):
    March 31 -- 
    3:28:20.29, +2.5
    3:46:17.81, +5.5
    3:59:40.63, +6.5 (?)
    I saw them with binoculars.  The third was very faint
    and actually may have been spurious, but I'm mentioning 
    it as it was very near 3/4 of the 17:57.52 elapsed time 
    between the first two.  Obviously using handheld 
    binoculars, I could not watch continuously, so there 
    was a definite portion of luck in seeing the first two.  
    After the second flash I tried looking for others at 
    fractions of 17.96 minutes. 
    I tried to find GSTAR 3 again but did not succeed.
    Iridium 17 predicted -1 flare -- looked for but not 
    seen.  However, it was only 14 degrees above the horizon, 
    and at that time the conditions in that direction were 
    unfavorable -- especially the lights from the sports 
    fields two blocks away from my apartment.
    Location was 30.31N, 97.73W, 150m.
    Superbird A was still quite low in the sky, which was far
    from perfect, so I decided to look for Iridium 20 flashes
    instead -- and did not see any.
    Here's a kind of odd, probably now obsolete, "Save Iridium" 
    Web site (no date that I could find):
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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