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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 13:06:46 PST

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    I just came in from satellite observing.  At 0016:57, I saw my first
    Iridium flare in at least a month.  It was at magnitude 0, and was right
    on time!  It faded after ten or fifteen seconds, but then stayed at about
    mag. +2 for about fifteen or twenty seconds (never saw such long
    naked-eye visibility ever before), at about 15 degrees altitude with
    dozens of streetlamps shining in my eyes.
    At 0023, I was looking for Lacrosse 3.  Instead, at 45 degrees altitude,
    I saw a mag. +6 to +7 satellite going from WSW to N.  Can someone tell me
    if this was Lacrosse 3, or something else?  Maybe even eight magnitude -
    I needed averted vision just to see it at all!
    I then saw the Cosmos 1184 Rocket (00:28).
    I then made my first sighting of the OCS at 0035.  But then at the end of
    the pass, I saw another satellite, unidentifable for me.  It was at 20 to
    25 degrees altitude, 3 degrees lower and to the left of OCS (estimate
    about a 40 degrees angle).  Same speed, magnitude +3 to +4 for both of
    them.  Perhaps this unidentified satellite is part of the OCS payload?
    I then failed to see SeaSat 1(no pun intended : - ).
    All observations made with 7x35 binoculars.
    39.706 N, 75.683 W.
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