RE: GEO Sats.

From: Ulrich Beinert (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 08:38:06 PST

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    > I am gonna
    > do is to use a reflex camera pointing to the sky (according to latest
    > Geo-sats tle's) leaving open the shooter for a couple of hours.
    > According to
    > previous mails, due to my low latitud the best days will be from 03/19 to
    > 03/22 during equinox. My first target will be Geo-sats non-operational
    > because there are tumbling although they are higher.I am looking for an
    > evidence of "parking" problem along geostationary arc above the equator. !
    A few tips: geostationary satellites are best photographed at 500 to 2000mm
    focal length. If using the longer focal lengths (telescope), you'll have to
    point rather accurately at a certain satellite or group of satellites. At
    2000mm or even more, you'll be able to record the motion of the satellites
    with fine-grained film. They're not perfectly still over one spot, but
    instead move in a figure-8 (analemma)over the course of a day.
    Clear skies,
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