Re: Iridium double-flare

From: Kate Martin (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 11:55:14 PST

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    "Matson, Robert" wrote:
    > Thanks, Rod, for the detailed double-flare report!  We may indeed
    > be in some sort of double flare season.  I'll try to determine
    > what the pointing surface is for your observation; unfortunately,
    > I'm just leaving the office, so I won't be able to reduce your
    > data until Monday morning...
    I just observed a double flare form Iridium 11 (25577).
    At approx 5:27 am I watched the predicted -0.7 mag flare. 
    (I am new to predicting mag figures, but would have said the flare was just
    brighter than the brightest star in the general area at the time (Arcturus).) This
    would seem consistent with the prediction.
    However, it did not dim as quickly as predicted. After a prolonged slight dimming
    it began to flare again. (As it passed "Vindemiatrix".) This flare was brighter, I
    would estimate _significantly_ brighter than Sirius. (Not visible at the time.)
    Predicted flare from 5:26:50 to 5:27:05.
    Additional flare was from (approx) 5:27:15 to 5:27:45.
    I can send you a config file for an absolutely wonderful program called Skymap if
    that would help save you some typing.  :)
    Kate Martin
    -35.1235    138.5043~
    UTC +10.5
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