Re: Sonics Booms on Jan 23rd over LA, CA?

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 21:37:13 PST

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    At 10:26 4/03/01 , Skywise wrote:
    >I do know that many people in the LA area must have heard
    >them as they all went running to an earthquake website to
    >see if that's what it was (myself included). The website is
    >Today I was reading some information by the web administrator
    >which showed server activity related to earthquake events. On
    > there is an
    >unknown event on Jan 23 at about 4:30 pm local but there was
    >no earthquake at that time.
    >This message is to investigate the possibility that it may
    >have been man made space debris re-entering near the LA
    >area at that date and time.
    Brian, looking at Alan Pickup's satellite decay list #112,
    which lists actual decays in last half of january, the only
    re-entries near the date in question Jan 24.02 UT, are 
    1978 26GQ at jan 23.5 UT which is a small piece of debris
    Molniya   at jan 24.99 UT which decayed in Southern hemisphere
    showing that the noise you heard wasnt from man-made debris.
    Bolides are far more frequent than man-made re-entries 
    >It may have also been a bolide exploding.
    This should have left a signal in the seismic record,
    probably not like an earthquake. Since you have a
    reasonably accurate time can you get the records
    of several stations checked?
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