ISS flare over Armidale (AU)

From: Chris Baird (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 08:49:38 PST

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    [Location 30.517S, 151.650E]
    >From 5.35am this morning (Mar 3 18:35 UTC) I witnessed a high (>80
    degree) ISS flyover. Brightness peaked at about -1.2, and I failed to
    recognize any colouration through binoculars or otherwise.
    And interesting event was a flaring of about a magnitude at approx 40
    degrees above the receeding horzion. This happened at the same time as
    I reached into my pockets to find my watch had fallen out on the way
    to the park, and none of my starchart software is working at the
    moment, so unfortunately I can't give more details. :/
    Chris Baird,,
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