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Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 11:05:37 PST

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    How do you know where (exactly) to look?  Do you use detailed star charts of 
    the geo arc and then predict their location in right ascension and 
    declination?  What programs provide sat locations in RA and declination?  Are 
    there any Geo Flasher programs out there yet?
    I'm just curious if I'll be able to see any in the Seattle area.
    Daryl Bahls
    47.44N, 122.15W, 143m 
    Note: Location not yet updated for shift due to earthquake :>)
    In a message dated 3/3/01 11:41:20 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
    > he latitude here is 30 north.  Beginning last September 28 
    >  I was able with handheld 10x50 binoculars to see some 
    >  flaring geosynchs each night through October 5, after which 
    >  the weather became unfavorable.  That was roughly 7 to 12 
    >  days after the equinox; roughly the same period before the 
    >  equinox now comes out to about March 8-13.  Unfortunately 
    >  that is just about the worst phase of the Moon.  Still, I
    >  hope the weather is favorable!
    >  By the way, I was able to see at least some of them two to 
    >  three hours or possibly more before shadow entry.
    >  Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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