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From: Ulrich Beinert (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 08:30:58 PST

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    Maybe it doesn't do a perfect "figure 8", but Stefano Sposetti has imaged
    the motion of the Astra group, and there is a photo of the motion of a
    geostationary satellite in the german astrophotography book "Handbuch der
    Astrofotografie" (B. Koch).
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    > >They're not perfectly still over one spot, but
    > >instead move in a figure-8 (analemma)over the course of a day.
    > This is frequently stated but still it is wrong!
    > Only a satellite in an orbit with an inclination of several
    > degrees and a very small eccentricity would theoretically do that.
    > I would be very surprised if there was any such orbit in real
    > life!
    > Rainer
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