Odin launch video

From: Sven Grahn (svengrahn@mail.wineasy.se)
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 11:26:09 PST

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    Dear Friends,
    The blast-off of Sweden's Odin orbital observatory from the Svobodny 
    cosmodrome on 20 February is now available in MPEG format at 
    http://www.ssc.se/ssd . Just below the picture of the launch of Odin there 
    is a link "launch video here". Choose the 1.5 MB RealMedia file. It is much 
    better in quality than the previous AVI-file and now also has sound. Enjoy!
    You will be impressed by the speed at which the launch tube is erected. My 
    colleagues from the Swedish Space Corporation on-site at Svobodny were very 
    much impressed by the ease-of-operation of the START-1 rocket, the slick 
    professionalism of its launch team, and the incredible accuracy of its 
    Mr Sven Grahn | Kettering Group
    Rattviksvagen 44, S-192 71 Sollentuna, Sweden
    Tel: +46 8 7541904, svengrahn@wineasy.se
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