Re: Iridium double-flare

From: Rod Sladen (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 12:29:44 PST

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    The reduction in time between the two flares of the pair is definitely decreasing.
     Tonight's performance (05 Mar) from Iridium 35 (24966) was more in the nature
    of a single flare with two peaks each of about mag. 0 at the predicted 19:30:23
    UT and at about 19:30:40 (close to the moon) with a dimming to perhaps mag.
    2 in between.
    I wonder if the "extra" flare will move over the next few days to occur *before*
    the predicted flare!
    (Then I turned from the SE to the SW to see Mir rising up and eclipsing near
    Orion's belt, and then to the NW to see a spectacular pass from Cosmos 2372
    rising to eclipse high in the NE.  All this within the space of 3 minutes!)
    And 4 clear nights on the trot.  Almost a record!
    Rod Sladen, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, UK, 52.923N, 1.219W
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