Re: Use for Mir

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 19:08:16 PST

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    At 06:03 PM 3/7/01 -0800, you wrote:
    >Does anyone know why ISS and MIR could not be
    >It seems the cost of developing new modules and
    >putting them into orbit is far greater than the cost
    >of changing one or both of their orbits ISS & MIR. 
    >Even if the sections where disassembled and parked
    >till needed it might be a great cost savings in this
    >day of the BOTTOM LINE. It might make Russia in the
    >savior now that NASA is 'tightening its belt'. 
    >It is certainly seems worth consideration.
    Most likely because the orbits are separated in right ascension
    that it is impossible.  
    Ron Lee
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