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Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 06:44:21 PST

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    << Therefore ISS and Mir are flying in different planes, divided by such an
     amount of degrees in RA of ascending node (exast number se TLEs), that
     it is impossible now (and also in the future) to transfer any tiny piece
     of Mir to the ISS. >>
    No need to speculate. I led the orbital design teams in 1996-1997 that 
    selected the relative orbital path of ISS relative to Mir. It was on request 
    of the Russian side, so that their tracking stations could have time to 
    perform all passes for one station, then mechanically reconfigure for passes 
    of the other station. This was agreed on by Khrunichev and Energia 
    specialists -- Nikolay Ganzen and Ludmilla Chaikina -- and also happened to 
    make station-to-station transfers impossible. But it was NOT decreed by NASA. 
    This  subject in fact will be explained in a chapter of my new book, 
    "Star-Crossed Orbits: The US/Russian Space alliance", McGraw-Hill, October 
    Jim O
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