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From: Tyler MacKenzie (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 10:46:10 PST

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    I actually believe there were SIX space stations before Skylab - most the
    Salyut series.  There was a similar thread on this only days ago - with the
    suggestion that the ISS should be called Space station zeta or something to
    that effect.  Implication being that it is something like the ninth space
    station.  IMHO I think NASA and the pushers of that painfully foolish name
    "Alpha" (thanks Mike Boschat) should admit that the Russians (and Soviets
    before) have been showing up NASA for 30 years on this front.
    Yes, I'm also a Mir supporter.
    But more on topic: I love watching them all and will go out tonight to
    catch Mir for what may be my last chance.
    TLN wrote -----
    >I think the US SkyLab was the first space station.
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