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From: Jonathan McDowell (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 10:56:59 PST

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    (albeit off topic:)
    Tyler, most of the Salyuts were after Skylab. It depends what
    you mean by a space station, but for the record
    - including ones that were never used - 
        DOS 1  Apr 1971  (Salyut)
        DOS 2  Jul 1972  (failed to orbit)
        Almaz 1 Apr 1973  (failed at insertion, Salyut-2)
        DOS 3  May 1973  (failed at insertion)
        Skylab May 1973
        Almaz 2  Jun 1974 (Salyut-3)
        DOS 4    Dec 1974 (Salyut 4)
        Almaz 3  Jun 1976 (Salyut-5)
        DOS  5   Sep 1977 (Salyut-6)
        DOS  6   Apr 1982 (Salyut-7)
        DOS  7   Feb 1986 (Mir)
        DOS  8   Jul 2000 (Zvezda)
    The Almaz flights were military stations, the DOS flights
    were civilian stations.
    Now back to satellite observing, I hope. Saw Mir
    very nicely from the summit of Mt Hopkins, Arizona
    on Feb 19. Hoping to see it one more time before it goes....
        Jonathan McDowell
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