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From: Richard Clark (rclark@LPL.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 12:02:38 PST

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    To me a 'space station', as opposed to a Manned Orbiting Laboratory,
    should have most or all of the following:
    1. crew turnover/rotation/replacement: skylab- yes
    2. Crew overlap (either overlap between primary crews, or occasional
    visitor crew): no, though there was provision for it
    3. resupply (other than what each primary crew brings with them): no
    4. expandable/reconfigureable in orbit: no
    5. interaction with other orbiting craft (other than COLAs!): no
    6. At least one crewmember whose duties are >~25% non technical,
    ie administrative, rather than everything being micro- or nanomanaged
    from the ground: no
    Are these out of 50s sf? Of course. But there is also a lot of Antarctic
    analogy in there. But then if 'space station' wasn't already such an
    emotionally loaded term it wouldn't be such a political mess. 
    MIR and ISS? space stations.
    Skylab has a 'yes', a 'well, it could have', and 4 'no'. not a space
    station, at least not for me.
    Salyut 7? maybe.
    So I get either beta or gamma for ISS.
    OB sat viewing:
    During the recent period when both MIR and ISS were making visible
    evening passes at mid northern latitudes I ran off some predictions
    for my folks in Tulsa. I had hyped the occasion for the 'final view'
    of MIR. I was quite put out on noticing that MIR was passing through
    NN=~16. The ground track and pass times were repeating on a daily
    basis-- and Tulsa was between two orbital tracks. Not a decent pass
    for MIR the whole time! At least ISS performed ok.
    Richard Clark
    On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
    > (albeit off topic:)
    > Tyler, most of the Salyuts were after Skylab. It depends what
    > you mean by a space station, but for the record
    > - including ones that were never used - 
    >     DOS 1  Apr 1971  (Salyut)
    >     DOS 2  Jul 1972  (failed to orbit)
    >     Almaz 1 Apr 1973  (failed at insertion, Salyut-2)
    >     DOS 3  May 1973  (failed at insertion)
    >     Skylab May 1973
    >     Almaz 2  Jun 1974 (Salyut-3)
    >     DOS 4    Dec 1974 (Salyut 4)
    >     Almaz 3  Jun 1976 (Salyut-5)
    >     DOS  5   Sep 1977 (Salyut-6)
    >     DOS  6   Apr 1982 (Salyut-7)
    >     DOS  7   Feb 1986 (Mir)
    >     DOS  8   Jul 2000 (Zvezda)
    > The Almaz flights were military stations, the DOS flights
    > were civilian stations.
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