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From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 19:45:45 PST

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    Scott_Young@ManitobaMuseum.MB.CA writes:
    > I've never seen a double flare before...what does this observation
    > imply?  Any info appreciated.
    As Rob Matson notes, there have been numerous observations of multiple
    Iridial glints.  Quite a few have been reported here.  I have reported
    some to Rob by e-mail and I think I have quite a few more in my log that
    I doubt I've ever reported.  To find earlier messages on this subject,
    you can go to
    and select the special link there to Google (I should not fail to
    mention that the Google site could well be called the "Mike Kessler
    Memorial Search Site" in recognition of the computer and on-line pioneer
    who had me on-line in cyberspace 34 years ago and who also originated
    the concept which makes Google usually quite a bit better than
    AltaVista, namely, machine search using bibliographic linking).
    If you'd like to see what I've posted here, you could use the search:
    glint wnissen OR dk058 double OR triple OR quadruple
    Note expecially
    which proposes a nomenclature and asks a question which I believe
    remains unanswered.  Also
    in which I describe an effective observing technique or approach.
    To widen the search, delete the phrase "wnissen OR dk058 ", etc.
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