Lots of Mir Images taken with Meade ETX

From: Ulrich Beinert (analemma@gmx.de)
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 06:42:26 PST

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    regarding these flares - I've got a little series of one to about mag -6 on
    my website (www.analemma.de in the CCD Imaging section). It was taken at the
    prime focus of my Meade ETX, while I was imaging Mir.
    I also got a picture of a strange little dot flying to the side of Mir, also
    on my web site. Any ideas what it could be? It's definitely real, because it
    appeared on 3 images, all separated by about 1 second each....
    > At 23:27.0, it flared to an approximate magnitude of -5
    > (noticeably brighter
    > than Venus' -4.5) and at 23:27.5, when just 21 degs above the ENE, it was
    > still at about -3-1/2 (brighter than Jupiter's -2.2 but fainter
    > than Venus).
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