Where do I install ansi.sys on Windows ME?

From: Mark Hanning-Lee (markhl@prodigy.net)
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 11:54:26 PST

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    Rob Matson's iridflar and Skymap 6.4 programs require that you install
    ansi.sys for screen formatting e.g. color. I've managed that under
    Windows 9x & Win2000 Pro.
    I just got a Windows ME PC at home & am having problems! The path to
    ansi.sys is c:\windows\command\ansi.sys .
    If I put the line:
    in c:\config.sys and reboot, Windows ME detects that the file has been
    changed and replaces my config.sys by an empty config.sys!
    If I put the same line in c:\config.dos and reboot, Windows leaves the
    file alone, but iridflar and Skymap don't see ansi.sys.
    Best wishes, Mark
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