Mir's pass over Halifax - the last one?

From: Mike Boschat (aa063@chebucto.ns.ca)
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 16:33:33 PST

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     Well, it cleared for us here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    at N44 W63 so I decided to bike down to the university to view
    and get a photo of MIR. 
     I had let others know about the pass and that it would be a low one
    about 11 degrees off the horizion. Nonetheless, about 8 people showed
    up on the roof and as usual the wind picked up a bit but it was clear
    and that all that mattered. I pointed out that MIR would be about as
    bright as Polaris - pointing to it to give them an idea what to look
     At 23:08 UT I saw MIR over in the southwest sky, it was a bit dimmer
    I placed it about 2.5 magnitude and as it reached it maximum height
    in another few seconds it seemed to brighten to about 2nd. It then
    continued on its predicted path till we lost it near our horizion
    and it was still just noticable at possibly 3.5 magnitude. We used
    no optical devices.
     As we left a few people were asking if we would see it again, I just 
    shrugged my shoulders. 
    Clear skies
    Michael Boschat
    Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Halifax Center
    My astronomy page: http://www.atm.dal.ca/~andromed
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