Mir and a pair of flashes

From: Jim (nixj@bellsouth.net)
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 10:52:56 PST

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        Sun angle around -3 to -5, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Sirius and a few others quite visible.  Mir again
    gave a good -2.5 flash on ascension in the west at around elev. 35 just to the right of Venus.   A second
    flash was apparent approx. 15 secs later as it ascended and passed just below Jupiter and Saturn.  Magnitude
    varied from 1.0 on ascension to -1.0 near zenith and on descent through lower Orion. Visible approx. 90 secs
    from  00:27:30 to 00:29:00. Observed transit consistent with latest elements from OIG. Our last evening
    observation of this object.  Hopeful of getting a glimpse or two next week in the a.m..
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