Re: Unidentified Geosat

From: Michael McCants (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 10:19:04 PST

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    Rick Baldridge wrote:
    >During the observation periods, the satellite was for the most part brighter
    >than DBS-2 and DBS-3, at approximately magnitude 8, decreasing to 10 over
    >the course of an hour -- generally steady magnitude -- no flares or
    >flickering noted.
    That's pretty bright, but this is the season for "flaring geosyncs".
    >Some approximate positions made from 37.272N  121.977W Alt 73M Campbell
    >California are as follows:
    I have fit Rick's positions with the following  elset:
    Unknown 010313
    1 90009U 01572A   01072.66500009 0.00000000  00000-0 +00000+0 0    01
    2 90009   3.9100 308.5650 0001000 359.9991   0.0009  1.00264024    04
    The original nominal node for the Milstar 4 Centaur was 301, but it
    was late launching, so a lower value would be expected.  The nominal
    node for payload insertion was 345, but that seems like an unexplained
    increase of 44 degrees.  So if the original node was 30 degrees lower to
    give a value of 271 and the payload was then to be 44 degrees higher,
    that would be 315.  Seems pretty close.
    Mike McCants
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