Re: space junk footpad from current STS mission

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 07:34:29 PST

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    Hi all,
    The part that was lost is a Portable Attachment Device (PAD). It has a "Y" shape
    and measures about a foot. It is bolted near the end of the canadarm (near the
    End Effector) to permit installation of the Portable Foot Restraint used by the
    astronauts to secure themselves to the arm when working somewhere outside the
    station. The PAD was lost by Jim Voss at 06:40 UT on March 11 and has just been
    catalogued by USSC :
    STS 102 DEB (PAD)
    1 26723U 01010B   01074.55648196  .00110714  00000-0  10983-2 0    20
    2 26723  51.5708 200.7266 0006133 218.1790 249.1306 15.64919147   497
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