Mir reentry info

From: Jim Nix (nixj@bellsouth.net)
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 01:47:55 PST

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    Based on information from spaceflight now posted at:  http://spaceflightnow.com/mir/010314date/
    And the most recent tle:
    1 16609U 86017A   01074.62718413  .00476796  13300-3  39446-3 0  7028
    2 16609  51.6364 291.0988 0006228 146.2761 325.9662 16.13277283862077
    As the tle will be subject to change updates will be daily and sooner as the deorbit date approaches. MAG will
    maintain a webpage for updates at:
    Last pass over Memphis will be daylight at 3:00 p.m. Mar. 21st just above the sun, it will not be visible.
    -Around 7:00 p.m. Mar 21st CST (01:00 GMT Mar 22nd), first thruster firings of the station will Take place.
    The station will be over Mid India at this time.
    -Around 8:27 CST Mar. 21st (02:27 GMT Mar 22nd) The Progress "booster" engines will fire.  The station will be
    over the mouth of the Persian Gulf.
    -Around 1:00 a.m. CST Mar. 22nd (7:00 GMT Mar. 22nd) final engine firings from Mir and The Progress booster
    will fire, reentry and disintegration should  be complete by 1:30 CST in the South Pacific east of Australia.
    The station will be over a point in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Corsica for final engine firings. The
    final trajectory will take the station over an area South of Japan and to the final splashdown area noted
    above in the south Pacific.
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