Last places on earth to see sunlit Mir @ night

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 17:00:56 PST

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    Hi All,
    With the imminent reentry of Mir in a little over three days,
    I thought I'd see which lucky places on earth would be among
    the last to see a sunlit, nighttime pass.  If the ~6 UT reentry
    on Friday, March 23 is to be believed, then here are some
    locations that will see Mir within 24 hours of reentry:
    Auckland, New Zealand:     7:44 UT 3/22
    Canberra, Australia:       9:12 UT
    U.S. Virgin Islands:       9:50 UT
    Perth, Australia:         10:39 UT
    Managua, Nicaragua:       11:18 UT
    Mazatlan, Mexico:         12:49 UT
    Hilo, Hawaii:             15:45 UT
    Johannesburg, S. Africa:  16:33 UT
    Manila, Philippines:      21:40 UT
    Buenos Aires, Argentina:  22:30 UT
    Montevideo, Uruguay:      22:30 UT
    Bangkok, Thailand:        23:09 UT
    Bombay, India:             0:38 UT 3/23
    Delhi, India:              0:40 UT
    Central Oman:              2:08 UT
    Cairo, Egypt:		   3:38 UT
    These times are based on relatively recent elsets, but do
    not take into consideration the effects of the small engine
    burns prior to the final reentry burn.
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