Mar 19 Unid's identified

From: Jim Nix (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 17:42:23 PST

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    March 19, 2001
    Unid1, Identified, Mike mentioned that it matched 22970, I had an incorrectly set filter the first time I
    tried to match it.
    22970 94 003B   8936 G 20010319013720580 57 25 1008374+114953 38 S+050 05
    22233, Mike also pointed out that the time of this GPS r2's passage of  Xi Gem was correct, its crosstrack
    error is in question as I was viewing  it naked eye it did pass below Xi Gem as opposed to the predicted pass
    above or west of the targeted measuring points.
     Overcast here for a few days.
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