Object 90009 (Was: Unidentified Geosat)

From: Michael McCants (mmccants@jump.net)
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 10:11:09 PST

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    Rick Baldridge wrote:
    >Unknown should pass VERY close to DBS-2 March 18th about 4:51 U.T.
    Of course, if the passage is going to be too close, it would make sense
    to perform an orbital correction before this time.  It was cloudy here,
    but it was clear last night and object 90009 was found to be over 100
    seconds "early".  I assume that a maneuver was performed some time
    between March 17th and March 18th and I have adjusted the mean motion
    by about +0.000300:
    Unknown 010313
    1 90009U 01572A   01075.70470847 0.00000000  00000-0 +00000+0 0    05
    2 90009   2.8500 327.2869 0001000  10.0000 350.0000  1.00293724    00
    Last night object 90009 crossed "in front of" (east of) DBS 2 about
    4:45 while we were watching Inmarsat 2-2 or Telstar 5.  Since it will
    now be drifting to the east, it will cross the geosync declination a
    little earlier each night.
    It was about magnitude 11.5 before and 11.0 after the crossing.
    Mike McCants
    Austin, TX
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