Re: Mir keps...?

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 03:02:59 PST

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    At 21:01 23/03/01 , John locker wrote:
    >I ask , because a weather sat image for 0600 Indian Ocean appears to show a
    >trail , well south of the anticipated
    >re-entry path.
    >The trail travels south of India , north of Australia and out towards the
    >Watching live coverage from the Russian Control Centre it seems the final
    >burn was more aggressive than anticipated , perhaps bringing the path
    >further south.
    John, your hypotheses doesn't make sense. The TOTAL velocity change imparted
    by the rockets on MIR/Progress was of the order of 45 meters/second.
    If things were more efficent they mean it was the last was maybe at the
    outside 30 rather than the planned 25 meters/second. Since MIR had an orbital
    velocity of 8000 meters/second, even if all this was applied sideaweays
    (which of course it wasnt) it might have changed the inclination 
    by 180/800 degrees or about 1/5of a degree.
    Since the fuel supply was used to exhaustion , no bigger
    velocity change is possible. Hardly enough to
    change a trajectory over the Ukraine Khazakstan ->China and Japan to one south of India.
    Your hypothesis also fails to alllow for the NW to SE trajectory over Fijii.
    I think the trace you saw in the metsat image was associated with the
    intertopical convergence zone or something similar. 
    Tony Beresford
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