RE: Mir Missed in the Air

Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 15:50:17 PST

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    Hi Bob/Ed/Paul & folks:
    During the debriefing the next morning. Apparently the Russian 
    intentionally keep the 3rd burn longer or " used up all the fuel 
    onboard" with the objective of minimising the debris/splash down 
    Why and how this came about and why we did not had this inputs was 
    still a puzzle. According the them everything runs as clockwork.
    Onboard the aircraft were satellite phones and we had confirmation of 
    first and 2nd burn.. & perhaps the 3rd burn. 
    While we missed the action, still this had been a wonderful experience. 
    Once back at hotel I had a hotel worker walked up to me and ssaid she 
    told me she recognise me from the news foto. She and many others were 
    waiting outside for the Mir to cross the sky. So at least theFijian 
    population had seen it. I also happened to know other source indicating 
    a Sun Air pilot on a beach aircraft saw Mir beginning to break up while 
    his plane was in Nadi air space. Oh Boy, the reactions from the NO SHOW 
    aircraft was really something .. I will tell you folks when I get back 
    to Singapore and start a INSIDE STORY..
    Wellington( Windy City), New Zealand
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