SAA, was: Question about Mir and ISS

From: Ed Davies (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 15:11:06 PST

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    Chris Peat wrote:
    > ...although the "South Atlantic Anomaly" is an area where
    > the belt reaches down to even the lowest orbital altitudes and is a factor
    > in Shuttle missions since it affects communications. ...
    I'd wondered whether to ask about that here as it is borderline on/off
    topic, since I noticed the area marked on the MCC big screen a little 
    while ago.  The SAA affects systems like some in the Hubble which are 
    not properly radiation hardened and also other experiments including 
    some flown in the Shuttle payload bay.
    What effect does it have on communications?  One could speculate that
    radiation could cause noise in receiver front ends - is this the problem
    or is it something else?  Also, does the SAA affect the planning of EVA's?
    A spacesuit gives even less radiation protection than a Shuttle, I would
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