Dual Iridium flares 26 Mar 2001

From: Kenneth Huffines (khuffines@mindspring.com)
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 19:03:55 PST

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    Saw double flares from Iriduims 12 and 86 tonight (26 March 2001).  At my
    location (84.171d W, 33.789d N, or 16 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    they were to appear at the same point, seperated in azimuth and elevation
    by one degree, and 28 seconds apart.  Both on a north-south track.
    They appeared as scheduled, in the right area.  #12 flared first (-4 mag).
    After it faded out #86 flared (-5 mag).  Just as it faded #12 flared again,
    not as bright as its first appearance, and lower in the sky (about 40
    degrees elevation).  After it faded #86 flared again right behind it,
    brighter than before.
    This is my first experience with a double flare, and to have two Iridiums
    do it back-to-back was a special treat.
    - Kenneth
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