Re: VERY fast satellite

From: Edward S Light (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 10:41:33 PST

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    The same very-rapidly-moving satellite ( 00-040C = 26409 ) we reported
    seeing Monday evening will be making an even higher pass this evening,
    at least for those at about 40 deg North and the mid 70's deg West.
    At our location (see signature, below), at about 19:17.7 EST (or
    00:17.7 UTC on 28 March), it will pass Betelgeuse on its way to
    shadow entry in the vicinity of Procyon.
    Anyone in this "area" (say 38-40 degs North or so) who likes watching
    really fast satellite passes, is in for a treat (given, of course,
    cooperative weather)!
    Clear and dark skies!
    Ed and Darlene Light
    Lakewood, New Jersey, USA
    40.1075N, 074.2312W, +24m (80 feet)
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