Re: Observations and UNID Request

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 19:08:30 PST

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    > I was running a star party for 3d graders at a school near here.  
    > Members of my
    > STAR astronomy and Mensa clubs had scopes set up helping me. I had 
    > made
    > predictions and was showing 100 people this very same Lacrosse pass. 
    >  Lots of
    > oohs and ahs.  In the middle of the Lacrosse pass moving left, I had 
    > predictions
    > of an Iridium 54 flare moving right. It faded because it was just a 
    > flare, not
    > its regular brightness.  Here is that prediction:
    Personally, I liked the Iridium 54 pass (+1) better than the Lacrosse 2
    pass (+2.5).  A 2.5 magnitude pass isn't all that great naked-eye when
    your LM is ~+3.2.
    > > Saw the Cosmos 2278 Rocket @ mag. 3.2.
    It looked great is 7x35's!
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