Ir D Flare and Envisat R Obs

From: Jari (
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 01:02:57 EST

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    I had my second flare from the new Iridium sats launched recently, this time
    it was Iridium D 27375 02005D and it flared at it's predicted time of
    04:30:42 3 Mar UTC +/- 3sec.Az 009deg El 19deg. Mag 0 vice the predicted Mag
    1. It was quite bright down low in the haze and a bit of light pollution.
    At 05:22:40 Envisat Ariane 5 r was sceduled to become sunlit just below
    Polaris so a few moments before it's time i went out and brought my 10x50s
    to bear in the area where it was expected to be when to my surprise a NOSS
    trio was right there in my FOV. It turned out to be the Noss 2-2 trio so i
    followed them until they went behind my house and then looked for Envisat 5
    r. I found it but it was very faint, Skymap gave me a magnitude of 9.6, the
    NOSS trio were much brighter. Several minutes later Envisat was due to
    arrive but even though i knew where it would be, i couldn't find it. I saw a
    couple of other faint sats during my search, going the wrong way but no
    Envisat, Skymap gave it a mag of 9.7 during it's pass. Still i had a good
    viewing session.
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